Clean lines, feminine, free-flowing silhouettes, timeless style, versatility, standout prints, comfort, and effortless chic are signatures of the collection. Whether at home or abroad, ANVI is an easy grab when you crave comfort and style. Each piece has been carefully crafted from luxurious fabrics and designed with an emphasis on all season long staples -- easily translatable from day to night. Made with love in Hawaii.

ANVI, where relaxed effortless chic rules your day -- and now your wardrobe. I hope you love the collection as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

Aimee Imai 



The name ANVI (pronounced "On-Vee") was born organically from the designer's initials, Aimee Nichole Vogelgesang Imai.



ANVI is the lovechild of Hawaii born and based designer Aimee Imai. With her love for globe trotting, coastal living, and fuss-free yet sophisticated summer style, she had always dreamed of creating a women's clothing line that emulated that very lifestyle. Inspired by her lifestyle in Hawaii and distant travels, the ANVI line is her statement on ready-to-wear clothing for the modern woman on the go.

Born and raised in the small beach town of Lanikai, Hawaii, Aimee was fortunate to grow up with the ocean only steps from her backdoor. Beachside living and going to bed to the sound of the fan humming and sandy sheets was the norm. Her father was a waterman and avid surfer and influenced her love for the sport and all sea-related activities before she could walk. Her mother is a professional seamstress in Kailua, and has been on the scene since the early 1980's. Aimee was exposed early to her mother's passion for artistic expression and designing, which included a successful swimwear line, custom wedding dresses and today a succulent arrangement business to name a few.

As a teen Aimee traveled the world as a surfer, brand ambassador and model for Roxy. Living out of a suitcase taught her to travel light and pack smart. "When you've packed so many times you really come to learn and appreciate the perfect wardrobe for a gal on the go. I wanted the ANVI line to be extremely wearable with a nod to coastal living and wanderlust," said Imai.

In 2009, Aimee graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business marketing. Just after graduating, Aimee was hired by McNeil Wilson Communications (MWC), an esteemed public relations firm based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

During her four year tenure at MWC she also started a successful handmade recycled t-shirt scarf and accessory business named Wanko Wanko. Based out of her home, Aimee designed, hand cut and sewed each individual Wanko Wanko accessory, including her handmade tags; she purchased all of her materials from local thrift stores such as Salvation Army and Goodwill. What began as temporary venture to help fund her baby bunny Bambi's leg surgery by selling her product to friends and family, grew to several retailer carriers, including Whole Foods Market, and orders coming in from all over the world, especially Europe.

In 2012, she left MWC and retired Wanko Wanko to pursue her next venture. Newly married to her high school sweetheart Sean, they are both pursuing their dreams, Sean as a pilot, and Aimee with ANVI. They currently reside in Kailua, Hawaii, but together with their adventurous spirits and love of travel, who knows where they'll be next...